baby development

Your baby’s milestones

As my classes are designed for your baby until they start toddling I thought I’d share a typical (if such a thing exists) timeline from birth to walking. Both my children hit milestones at different times but one thing that was the same was they wanted to be independent asap!

Birth – 2 months: Your baby has that cool step reflex when you hold them up and they do their best Usain Bolt impression!

3-4 months: The tummy time combat push up. This helps prepare the muscles they need for crawling. Babies develop their body strength from their neck muscles, working down to their ankles and toes.

5-6 Months. Your baby will learn to sit and even be starting to crawl. If you haven’t already now is a great time to child proof your home. Time consuming but necessary!

7-8 months: The crawling will be in full swing (some babies will even bypass this and look to pull themselves up to start cruising).

9-12 months: Once they’re strong enough to pull themselves up and brave enough to take their first step hanging on — they’re officially cruising. You may see those awkward first steps.

12-15: They may well be taking those first few zombie steps looking unsteady but walking! This is where your Baby World and Me journey ends 🙁

Take a look at this quick video which explains milestones so well!