baby development

How do Baby World and Me classes aid your baby’s cognitive development?

Your baby will learn using their senses and from the world around them.  In addition to the five best known senses – taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell, there are also two others that play an important role in your baby’s development – the proprioception and vestibular systems. We give your baby opportunity to use, experience and develop all of these throughout a Baby World and Me term. Each class is carefully crafted to aid you baby’s cognitive and physical development

For example, each Baby World and Me class has a carefully selected playlist that matches the theme, mood and activities of each part of the class. Neuro scientists believe singing songs and nursery rhymes to babies and infants before they learn to speak is essential to later educational success and emotional well-being. Neuro-imaging has shown that music involves more than just centralised hotspots in the brain, occupying large swathes on both sides. Babies are particularly responsive when the music comes directly from the parent. Singing along with a parent is for the development of reciprocal communication. This is why we place so much emphasis on song here in class.

We also love heuristic play and give lots of opportunities in our classes for this fab activity. But what is it I hear you ask? As babies grow, they move beyond being just content to simply feel and look at objects. They are curious and want to find out what can be done with them! So when your baby makes an enjoyable discovery – for instance when one item fits into another, or an interesting sound is produced – they often repeat the action several times to test the result. This strengthens cognitive development as well as fine muscle control and hand/eye coordination. For example in our Desert Island Adventure themed class we explore some baby safe pirate treasure boxes.

Linked to our values of explore, play and bond is a strong grounding and relationship to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Baby World and Me classes provide an enabling environment to develop your baby’s personal, social & emotional development. Our classes offer special uninterrupted one-to-one time with your baby as well as opportunity to play in a larger group, as babies observe and learn from one another in a social setting. Being able to respond to your babies emotions in class also helps them manage their feelings and behaviour!

Although the majority of my class is led by me to follow a carefully structured theme, class plan and scheme of work I always incorporate free play so babies (and parents) can take a break, grab a free drink and either have some bonding and chat time with other parents or use the range of toys and materials set up for each class.

I hope this brief insight into the research, thought and planning that goes into Baby World and Me classes shows you how beneficial they will be to you and your baby.

Edwina x