Baby Development Tips – Milestones

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while. In short, Baby World and Me has launched and we’ve just finished our first 8 week block. The feedback and reviews have been great and I’ve felt so lucky to have branched out on my own and created a new business from scratch!

I like to share baby development insights in my classes and share activities and tips that will help your baby develop. So following on from the discussion and topics in my classes I’m going to be sharing regular updates in the form of “Baby Development Tips”. So here’s number 1 and is a question that crops up a lot and can be a worry for new parents. “Is my baby developing at a normal rate?”.

Well firstly with babies there is no such thing as “normal” despite curve charts, percentiles and sometimes the never ending comparison to your friends babies! There are no prizes!! The speed your baby hits milestones actually bears no relation to their intelligence and physical ability in later life. If they’re not walking by 13 months it doesn’t mean they can’t be destined for competitive sport in later life!

So quite simply track and celebrate progress not milestones. There can be huge variations across various developmental milestones. Importantly trust your instincts and seek professional advice (like your Health Visitor or GP) should something seem not right – especially with vision and hearing. But no two children are the same – something I see in my own two, both different personalities and they hit different milestones at very different times. Certainly use and keep an eye on milestones but don’t pore on every detail. Remember your baby is unique. Phew! If you think someone will find this post useful feel free to tag and share. Hope this helps. Edwina xx